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Playroom in our New Home

Here are a few pics from our playroom. It’s currently in the middle of a makeover and I can’t wait to share the updates! But I’ve gotten a lot of questions about pieces in here, so everything is linked below!

This room is supposed to be the formal office on the main floor. But since we were loosing our big playroom/open space we had in our previous home, we decided to create a fun space for the kiddies here. And they looooove it. I actually really prefer this to the previous playroom because there is no tv in here. (In our last home, the playroom was also our theatre room on the top floor. So we almost always had the tv on!) I love that the kids can get lost in play in this room. Blake will sit and read by her self while Ryder builds things at his tool bench. It makes my mommy heart so happy!

We also have a second kids table in here. I love the look of this one! The kids will sit here and play together or color. We have had a lot of fun in this room. I also really like that the playroom is now on the main floor. I thought I would hate it because toys would take over the entire main floor. But who am I kidding?!? Toys take over the entire house no matter what! The kids are close enough that I can make dinner or clean while they play and I’m able to easily check on them.

This space is used by the kids everyday. I’m in the process of getting more organized, getting new artwork (from Snoogs and Wilde – I can’t wait!) and getting curtains. I will update you with those items once it’s all set up! 🙂

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Bookshelves large + small

White Lamp // White End Table

Tool Bench // Kitchen (I sprayed the hardware gold)

Blakely’s Bows // Outfit

Ryder’s Tee // Hat

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