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Pumpkin Patchin

Last weekend we made it over to the pumpkin patch. I love weekend activities like this with the family! The pumpkin patch at Chatfield Botanic Gardens is so cute! I love seeing all the different food trucks and getting to experience all these little holiday adventures again as a Mommy. Ryder has a blast running around the pumpkin patch screaming “Mommy! Pumpkin!” a million times. LOL I do realize we have NO pumpkins in these pictures – ha! It was still so sunny and hot when we were there. Blake and I were only out checking out the pumpkins for a little bit and then went back in the shade. I’m always so worried about newborn skin burning! Plus, the poor girl could barely open her eyes in the bright sun. I also HATE carving pumpkins. I’ve only done it once (that I can remember) in college. It just really grosses me out! I think I may be the only person that thinks this?! I also hate all things flavored “pumpkin”. Yes, even the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. My husband thinks this is so strange! The fact that people will sit and eat the seeds out of pumpkins… what?! Ew. LOL Anyone else hate pumpkin flavored treats? Anyone… Anyone?! Long story short: Only fake pumpkins that don’t rot are allowed in my house. 🙂

There is this cute little river by the pumpkin patch and Ryder had a blast playing in the water with the rocks. I swear he could play there all day long! This area was perfect for us because it is shaded and cool so we could lay out a blanket for Blake and hang out for a while.  And this dress! It’s so comfortable! And I love that I can also pair it with leggings when the weather gets cooler. PS Is it ever going to cool down?! The 80+ degree weather has got to go away already! Am I right? Also loving these booties and loving that the heel isn’t too high. Being a mom and chasing after kiddos means lower heels (or no heel) are my friend! 

I LOVE Halloween and always look forward to this time of the year. The cooler temps, the changing leaves and dressing up in costumes is the best! I can’t wait to dress up my little babies this year. 🙂

Those cheeks! I die.

This little girl is cooing and starting to have little baby chats with us. Smiling and talking. The CUTEST!

This little guy is happiest when he’s playing outside. He is just a little adventure baby and loves exploring. Like most little boys, he loves getting dirty and collecting sticks and rocks. He’s starting to use his imagination a lot, which is so cute! We run around playing “Paw Patrol” where he makes a phone call on his pup pad (best toy/gift ever!) and then we run around the house pretending to take on missions with the Paw Patrol. 🙂 He just cracks up and thinks it’s so funny. He also likes to make pretend phone calls all day long. He chooses a random person (Grandma, Graham, Daddy, Mark (Graham’s Dad – ha!)) and calls them on his imaginary phone all day long. It’s the cutest. “Hi Mark! What’s up? Ok. Cool. See you later!” Melts my heart! 

Ryder in this picture… 🙂 And Blake’s chubby legs. I love! I seriously can’t get enough of this cute mustard sweater of hers. And the bows. So much fun.

I’m loving this stroller! I was so sad to say goodbye to my first stroller because I loved it so much. But this stroller has been awesome! I have a strange obsession with stroller and sometimes just sit online and research them. LOL After a lot of searching, this was the double I wanted (I still want to get a double jogger) and I love it! Ryder loves facing “backwards” and never complains about riding in it. Knock on wood.

Shirtdress // Booties // Tory Burch bracelet // Alex and Ani bracelet

Similar to Blake’s dress // Blake’s shoes


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