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Pumpkin Patchin

Every fall I look forward to going to the pumpkin patch with our little family. We always seem to go later than most because the pumpkins are already picked over! Note to self: GO EARLIER! Anywho, the kids had a ball. Blakely loved walking through the pumpkins and playing in the dirt. Ryder kept pointing out all the broken pumpkins and was equally upset every time he saw one. Ha. Sweet kid. Worried about the pumpkins feelings. 😉 

We love the food trucks, live music and just being outdoors in the beautiful fall weather CO has to offer! It was so much fun. Now we are home making dinner and enjoying our fall scented candles. Yuuuum. 

What are your favorite things to do with the kids in the fall? I’ve been wanting to make caramel apples, but feel intimidated by the recipe I got on Pinterest. So, I keep buying bags of apples but never making them into caramel apples because I get so easily intimidated by new recipes!

Would love to know what activities you do with your kids in the fall! Now that our kids aren’t tiny little babies, we’re wanting to venture out a bit more. Also, if there are any fall recipes you love, send them my way! I should tell you that I’m not a fan of cinnamon or pumpkin. Which really pisses people off!! LOL I just don’t. So please don’t give me recipes for pumpkin pie or something because 1. I hate pumpkin flavored things and 2. I HATE pie. 

I love her little face. She makes the funniest squinty faces when the sun is too bright! 🙂

Linking Blakers and my outfits here:

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