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Ryder Paul is SIX – Blakely Gray is FOUR

HOORAY!!! It’s July which means lots of birthday celebrations for us! 🙂

July is always jam-packed for us with lots of cake! Haha.

I want to keep this kids birthday parties a bit simpler and smaller this year. I hope that day is nothing but FUN for the kids, so I decided to get some photos out of the way ahead of time so I don’t feel the pressure the take the time away from family and friends who are here for their joint birthday party to make sure we get a great shot of the kids in their birthday getup!

I bought these balloon arches on Amazon and OMG, they’re cute!!! The kids loved them and it was loads of fun setting these up! Jenna came over and we spent time setting up the balloons while having a pizza party for the kids. And then when we were set up, we’d break for pics. And then we’d set up the next balloon arch! Really fun and no pressure because we aren’t on a time crunch before a big birthday party with cake, food, etc, etc.

Blakely’s unicorn dress (which is seriously SO cute) is from Amazon and came with the headband. I was searching for something similar on Etsy and couldn’t pull the trigger because of the prices. Yikes! So I thought I may as well look on Amazon and what do ya know?! Almost an identical dress for a fraction of the cost! She loves this thing. It might never come off. Ha!

Ryder’s shark shirt is from Amazon as well. I let him see a few and this is the one he wanted for his birthday pics. 🙂 His big shark stuffed animal is from Ikea. We have several stuffed animals from Ikea and I must say that they hold up well!

Ummm… ok. Why does she look 16?! (Ugly cry)

I got the kids special cookies from Eileens. If you haven’t had Eileens cookies, you are truly missing out in life! These things are the best (and maybe worst) thing to happen to me. HAHA. So, so delish. Blake got little unicorn cookies and Ryder got shark cookies. They really are so dang cute.

These two love to laugh. And it warms my mama heart!!

Annnnd, they look like they’re at Prom. lol

Photography by Jenna Sparks

(Thanks to Jenna for making these shoots so fun for me and the kids! We love you!)


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