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Santa! I KNOW HIM!

This year the kids got to see Santa twice! Luckyyyyyyyy! 😉 I wasn’t planning on taking them to the mall Santa. Mostly because of that dang line. Yuck. But we were at Cherry Creek and the line looked really short so we went for it. (We live life on the edge.) There was a family of six in front of us. The kids were quadruplets and I just sat there shamelessly staring at them the entire time! LOL I was just in awe watching these parents and kids. And kinda jealous. I imagine that would be fun growing up with siblings so close in age like that! I know, I know. Difficult, too. But FUN! I was trying to figure out how on earth this mom got herself and four young kids (I’d say about two or three years old) ready and out the door. And everyone was clean and well behaved. She deserves a gold medal for SUUURE.

Anyway, I thought for sure that Ryder was going to scream and cry and refuse to look at the camera. I even warned Santa. I thought to myself, “Santa probably hates families like this!!!”. LOL But surprisingly, Ryder didn’t cry at all. He never acted scared or worried and just sat there. Stone faced. Haha. Blakely of course doesn’t know what’s going on and was happy to sit in someones lap.

Round 2: We snuck into my friends neighborhood (I told you we live life on the edge) to meet a Santa that comes every year. The line took a long time, but it was worth it. This Santa was awesome! The tree behind him was amazing, the fire place, the Christmas smells. Ahhhh. I loved it. And once again, Ryder sat on Santa’s lap with no problems. AND I got my Christmas gift early… HE SMILED!! OMG, my heart! Cutest little dude I’ve ever seen. TJ wasn’t really into it, but was willing to sit next to Santa for a picture. 🙂 Look at these kids of mine. Adorable. 

Ryder was very shy and spoke very quietly when talking with Santa. But he LOVED that he gave him candy and still talks about Santa giving him candy. 🙂

This is Blakely and her bestie, Quinn. (Insert 300 red heart emojis here.)

This simple little toy entertained Ryder for so long! The elves handed out little toys to keep the kids busy while they were waiting. He’s SO cute when he’s really focused.

It was a great day and my heart was so happy to see my babies on Santa’s lap. Ryder told Santa he wanted tools. DUH. TJ asked for an iPhone (in your dreams!) and Blake asked for a baby doll. I am so excited for Christmas this year! Can’t wait to see how Ryder reacts now that he’s a little older and is starting to understand Santa and all the Christmas magic. 

What are your holiday traditions this time of year? I loved the traditions we had growing up and looked forward to them every year. I really look forward to make new traditions with our little babies. Any that you love? Would love to hear!

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