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Sequin Love Affair

Tell me I’m not alone with my obsession with sequins around the holidays! Can’t get enough. I love this dress from Denver Street Boutique. I wish I had a better picture of the back (obviously you can’t see it because of my jacket). The sequins are just on one panel in the front. So cute. And it’s sleeveless so you have full range of motion to dance the night away!! LOL That is, if you wear this for a NYE party. Ha! Or, you know. You can just have a little dance party anywhere, anytime you’d like. 😉 

I’m loving these heels and so tempted to also get them in the maroon. Why is it so hard not to buy things for yourself when you go Christmas shopping for OTHERS? Ha! Anyway, this jacket is old, but I still love it. I’ll link similar ones below. 

I can’t believe Christmas is 8 days away! I haven’t wrapped ONE gift yet and still have shopping to do. Oops. Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays and not too overwhelmed. I know I get majorly overwhelmed this time of year with gifts, family, sickness, traveling, hosting, etc. I was feeling SO overwhelmed and exhausted. So I took two days completely off from life. My babies and I stayed inside in our pjs for TWO DAYS! It was amazing and just what the doctor ordered. Popcorn, coffee, movies, snuggles, coloring, etc. Lots of fun relaxing with my cuties. I told my husband I needed this break and some time to just chill. Yet, he still came home both days saying, “are you still in your pjs???”. LOL!!! DUUUUHHHH, that was the whole point! And I loved every minute of it. 🙂

My jacket is old, similar hereherehere and here. If you want to add the “fur” to a jacket you already have. Love this and this. Necklace – on sale! Shoot! My exact dress is sold out. 😦 Sorry, guys! But here are others I LOVE: One, twothree (this would be very forgiving if you have a baby bump you’re trying to hide or a post baby belly), and four. Nude heel. And last, but not least… Hadley’s Diamonds. You can design anything you want! And in any price range. Seriously amazing. Contact me or call Hadley’s to start designing your dream jewels!


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