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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I’m such a sucker for baby hoods with ears! The cutest. I’ve also been having so much fun buying things for Blake on Etsy.  I didn’t/don’t do a lot of Etsy shopping for Ryder… but the girl stuff is SO. MUCH. FUN!! Blakes onesie says “shine bright like a diamond”. And this gold heart headband… I can’t deal with all the cuteness! These pictures were taken over a month (or two or three??) ago and I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. They change so much so fast in the first year. Those cheeks. I LOOOOOOOVE THEM! I feel so behind on organizing all our photos and videos. I have really tried to keep up on it since Blake was born. But we’ve had a hell of a 2016 so far. Just SOOOO INSANELY BUSY. Most of it has been good-busy, but some not so much. 

We have had a lot of family visit this year, which we love. We have no family living in Colorado and it’s so wonderful when they are willing and able to come spend some time with us and our growing family. Tim’s mom came out, my mom came out, Tim went on his annual guys golf trip, my dad and his wife came out and now my brother and his (pregnant) girlfriend are in town. (I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT – again!!!! YAHOOO! This is my brothers first baby and I can’t wait to meet him!) 

We spent time in Florida recently for Spring Break. We had so much fun, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a LOT OF WORK traveling with multiple young kids. Wowsa. We were already exhausted from the trip and then our direct flight home got cancelled (due to weather in Florida) and it took us two full days to get home. Lot of flights, driving, layovers (and tantrums!!!) but we finally made it home. I’ve never been soooo grateful for my bed. LOL

We also had major hail damage on our home about 9 months ago. Every single window on our home had to be replaced and it was NOT. FUNNNN. We were living in and out of a hotel for three weeks. Oh my gosh. It was so hard. A month later and the windows still aren’t finished. UGGHHHH. It’s not fun having millions of workers in your home. And when it interferes with nap time????? OMG. Awful. Long story short, we’ve been very busy. 

Anyway!!! I seriously love these jeans from Pinks in Denver. They are so stretchy and I love the overly distressed look. These flats have been a fav of mine for years! They were a steal from Nordstrom Rack. I will link similar ones below. I wear this vest all the time! It’s such an easy layer to add interest to any outfit. I love that it’s longer! And I really like these boyfriend button up shirts right now. They are very comfortable, cute and easy for nursing. I love that I feel like I got dressed (a rare occasion these days! LOL) but still feel super comfortable. I hate when clothes make me feel restricted. Especially when I’m with two kids!

These toes! I have an obsession with baby feet and have approximately 1 million pictures of her little toes. 🙂

I’m seriously going to miss these chubby rolls when they’re gone! They bring me so much  happiness!

The moment your baby gets reallllly excited and accidentally slaps you in the face! Ha!


Denim from Pinks // Vest

Similar flats here + here + here



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