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Spring Break in Steamboat

VACATION MODE! The kids had been counting down the days for this ski trip! Ryder and Blake had been “packing” and getting their toys and things ready for this trip for weeks. HAHA. They’re so cute. Ryder spent a lot of time drawing and coloring a map for us so we would know how to get to the mountains and ski. (Insert the biggest heart eyes on planet Earth.)

So I decided I was going to brave the mountains by myself with R&B (Tooth had to stay home). And then I basically forced my best gal pal to join in on the fun! LOL She was legit forced. Haha. Love you, Heather.

But seriously, Heather and her two oldest kiddies (same ages and Ryder and Blake) were so, so kind to join us! We had so much fun and I think it made the trip that much more exciting for the kids! Our kids are besties and this was some much needed fresh air and time together. Thank you Jesus for this amazing friend you’ve brought into my life. And thank you for our children growing up together (we live two houses away from each other). What a blessing.

The first second we got there, the kids were begging to get into the pool. Haha. So to the pool we went!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m NOT a big fan of swimming when it’s winter. Eww. So cold and unnecessary lol. I’m also not a big fan of hot tubs. Just eww. And WHY is it sooooo fun for people to walk through snow to jump into a blazing hot mini pool?? I don’t get it.

We spent the night hanging at the hotel and ordering in pizza. The best memories!

The next morning we took the kids to ski school! It was the first time skiing for Ryder and Blake and they were soooo excited! I had shown them a YouTube video of a two-year-old skiing. This kid was like a PRO. Haha. My kids kept saying “why isn’t he falling? He’s going so fast! Wow, he’s good!” Bahahaha. So funny. Anywho, they were super excited about the idea of skiing and looking forward to the entire experience.

Here are the kids waiting patiently outside the ski school. #cuties

I can not handle this freaking kid. OBSESSED.

Heather and I went skiing while the kids were in school. Neither of us had been skiing in at least six years! We’ve been busy having babies and taking care of tiny little kids. It was so fun to hit the slopes. We were so lucky with the most beautiful weather. Heather was so patient with me – hahhahaha – because I ski slower than any other human alive. HA! But in my mind I’m going soooooo fast! 😉

Thank you again to my sweet friend for dropping everything to join me on this trip. Love you, HBraasch.

After a few runs and a few beers, we went to pick up the kids from ski school.

My kids were so excited to see me and tell me ALL about their adventures that day. My heart was so full!!! I can’t tell you how happy my mommy heart was on this trip. I am just so grateful for this life and these people. (Insert sobbing happy mommy face.)

Look at these adorable and happy faces!! 🙂

We treated the kids to some yummy treats after their long day and sheesh, I just love these kids.

The next day, we decided to take the kids tubing!

Here we are waiting for our shuttle to pick us up. Super excited! The first time for many of us to go tubing. And when I asked the kids to smile, Blake posed like this and said “NAILED IT” BAHAHABAHAHAHA I love my mini best friend! 🙂


Eating snow. We had the prettiest morning with light flurries. A mountain dream!

After waiting patiently for our shuttle and then getting on a long, bumpy bus ride to get to the tubing hill, we made it! It was honestly so much fun. The kids all said they liked this better than skiing. Haha. So much fun for all ages!

It was loads of fun and the best weather! So grateful for this crew.

We made some amazing and wonderful memories with some of our favorite people. My heart is full. I hope to have many more winter memories like this with friends and family.


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