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Summer Dress + Instagram Husbands

Hey guys! Did you check out Mommy Monday yesterday? It was a good one! Erin is a hoot. Anyway, this dress is a go-to for me lately! I love having light, fun dresses to wear in the super hot days of the summer. This dress is only $20!!! I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately. Summer months are already crazy and then add in my overwhelming desire to throw parties for my TWO July babies. Gesh. It’s busy. 

My poor, patient hubby has to put up with me and my anxiety-driven self. Saving all my energy for designing cute cake toppers and shopping the Nordstrom anniversary sale rather than doing laundry and dishes. Oops. Party planning is serious business, people!! Holy shit balls. I love it and have anxiety about it. This is the problem with being a perfectionist who has an intense case of anxiety: They obsess over every little detail and are never happy! It’s exhausting. For both me and my family. Buuuuut… The good news is that the kids have amazing and adorable parties and even though it makes me a little crazy, I really do enjoy it. It brings me MUCH happiness to see it all come together. 

You guys know I love me some turquoise. This necklace was a birthday gift from my hubby. I loooove it. It’s a beautiful statement piece I will wear over and over again, unapologetically. Everything is linked below!

This little doggy loves me. You can’t tell here because he seems super annoyed, but we really do love each other. Best pup there ever was.

Dress // Turquoise Necklace // Bar Necklace // Nude Wedge

Fashion blogging is a funny thing. I have really enjoyed writing about family, fashion, etc this past year. But capturing these “perfect” pictures bloggers post is very funny from our end. All people see is the final product. A seemingly natural and perfect moment frozen in time when scrolling through their Insta feeds. Do not be confused by this. Rarely are those moments natural, real or perfect. If kids are involved, there is lots of bribing, arguing, tantrums, and sometimes tears. Even when it’s just me taking pictures, it’s more than hilarious (and embarrassing). 

Like the time I was with my friend taking pictures in a random street. No one was around so I started to change outfits. Once I was semi-naked, a huge party let out at a nearby house. I got looooots of unpleasant looks and comments.

Have you guys seen the Instagram Husband video!? OMG hilarious. And unfortunately, it’s kinda true. SOMEONE TAKE MY PICTURE. I LOOK REALLY, REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW. Let’s show everyone how amazing our life is. lol 😉

The part in the Instagram Husband video where she is running with the flag… I was crying laughing. So awesome. I maaaaaaay need to do a shoot with a flag!? LOL Yes. Definitely.

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