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Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

Now that July has come and gone (and their birthday parties) I can officially say I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old. Which makes me sooooooo, so happy. And shocked. And sad. And lots of other things. I know it sounds cliche (and every mom under the sun says this) but time is going way too fast!!! These little babies are my whole world and I truly can’t believe how quickly the past three years have gone. 

Blakely seems older every day. Learning new tricks, wearing her hair in pigtails and “chatting” with us every chance she gets. Ryder is just the funniest little dude. He melts me with those blue eyes and that dimple. At night, before bed, he’s always crying “mommy sing me song!!!” and so, duh, I do. Because who could resist that sweet face?! 

Often times, while Blakely is taking her morning nap, Ryder and I get milk (for him, not me – ew) and snacks, “get cozy” (which means under soft blankets and squished between giant pillows) and watch cartoons together. I love this time where it’s just me and him hanging. A lot of times I just stare at him, taking in his handsome-ness. Other times he will get really close and snuggle. He went through a long phase of being too busy to snuggle, so I really just take those moments all in. Playing with his hair and feeling him breathe on me. I love him so, so much. 

And Blakers. OMG, that girl. I can’t handle it!!!! She is so goofy and loves to climb all over me. She’s our little monkey. She is loads of fun and I love her sweet little heart. She really is the sweetest. UGH. My heart. 

My sweet friend made this for Ryder when he turned 3. Isn’t it adorable?!

I was bribing Ryder (to take pics) with Laffy Taffy. Blake, as usual, wants to eat whatever Ryder is eating!

Ryder just gave her a big, juicy kiss and she’s loving it! 🙂

You guys. My heart might explode!

How is she so big?!?! (Insert ugly Kim K cry.)

Her sweetness just melts me. And Tim. Seeing Tim melt for this girl is just magic.

Upset because…? Who knows what.

Two seconds later as sweet as can be. I’m in trouble, guys. 😉

I feel summer coming to an end (TJ starts middle school this week!!) and want to squeeze in all the last minute things we can. Trips to the splash pad, the park, pool, popsicles, smores, and everything in between. Would love to know some of your favorite summer time activities to do with young kids in the summer months!

PS I am still working on Blakely’s Birthday Blog. I can’t wait to show you how cute all the little details came out! You can see Ryder’s 3rd Birthday Party HERE.

PS Lots of these items are currently on sale!


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