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Surprise Date Night!

Happy FRI-YAY!! Last weekend Tooth surprised me with a date night. It’s been a while since we’ve had a one-on-one date, so we were really excited! He took me to Upstairs Circus, which I hadn’t even heard of! Upstairs Circus is awesome and so worth trying. It’s similar idea to Canvas and Cocktails only you are given multiple options of crafts you can do. The shop is SO cute and the house cocktails are adorable. I’m a sucker for a cocktail with a cute name! 😉 

We chose our individual crafts and got to work! We had so much fun!! Tooth told me it reminded him of labs in dental school and had lots of funny stories I’ve never heard. I highly recommend trying it out. I want to go back! Lots of chicks in there for sure. Tooth was one of two guys in the place! Major props to my hubby for surprising me on a date night he knew I’d enjoy and something that was totally out of his comfort zone. #browniepoints (A picture of our crafts is below.)

This sweater is so light and fun. I love the detail on the back! I love wearing plain tops so I can mix up the accessories. This clutch is a favorite of mine and of course I’ve been living in these nude heels. Love them! I got these jeans on clearance at Express and they are so comfortable! Super stretchy and high waisted (low waisted after having a baby is NOT OK). LOL

My sweater is sold out – dang! But here are some light weight sweaters that are great for spring and summer: herehere and here.

Hinge Heel. Also love these and these.

Express Jeans. Also love these.

MK Watch // Cross ring

You guys know I LOVE my Benny J Designs bracelets!

Necklace. Also love and love.

Fun clutches I’m digging here:

Here is a picture from our date night. Tim made/painted a bottle opener (shocker! Ha!) and I painted this Chanel perfume bottle. We had a lot of good laughs that night and now I get a reminder of this fun night every time I look at this painting! (It’s hanging in my closet.)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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