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Surprises for my Kiddies

Spent a beautiful morning out with my babes and surprised Ryder with Pop Rocks! Remember that stuff? It’s GMO free, right?! Totally. 

Anywho, I love surprising Ryder with little “presents” for no reason. It can be something so small, but he loves getting little surprises and seeing his face light up makes my world go round! I randomly saw Pop Rocks one afternoon while checking out at Old Navy (thanks, Old Navy, for conveniently placing 173 things I don’t need but buy because it’s staring me in the face while I’m waiting to check out). 

I didn’t know how Ryder was going to feel about the Pop Rocks, because it’s hard to explain what it’s going to feel like to a toddler and I thought he was either going to love it or want it to stop right now! lol Luckily, he was totally into it. He’s such a sweet tooth. Man after my own heart. 

His faces and reactions caught in the pics below are priceless! 🙂 What little things or treats do you guys do to surprise your kids? I haven’t been good about making sure to get one-on-one time in recently, and that needs to change asap! We’ve been so busy over here with daddy traveling for work and the renovation that has taken over our lives, we’ve just been trying to keep our head above water over here. So the one-on-one quality time has gone out the window. Oops! Maybe I’ll try to get in a little quality time with each kid this weekend! Sometimes just 15 minutes alone with mom or dad is enough to make the kid feel special. 

You can see my full outfit post HERE.

Ryder’s tee // pants // shoes

Blakely’s leggings // moccs // shirt // sweater

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