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What’s Up?

It’s been a minute since posting anything to my blog. It definitely took a backseat when I started school back in October and ya know what, I’ve missed it! I miss writing and having my little outlet and connecting with people. But I am SO excited to be working and doing what I love!

You may remember I went back to school last October to get my Esthetician and Lash Extension licenses. Now I am working in DTC as the lash specialist at a beautiful med spa and I love it! But I can’t say it’s been completely smooth. I have had a hard time leaving the kids. I thought I would eventually get used to it, and definitely thought I would feel better about leaving them once I was out of school and working. But, NOPE. Us mamas have it rough. SO tough to find a balance that works for us, our kids and our entire family dynamic. So I’m still figuring all of that out and trying to organize my schedule so I can be with the kids as much as possible.

On top of completing school, going through state boards and adjusting to my new job, we decided to finish the basement! It was a slightly spontaneous decision. We always knew we’d finish it eventually but decided to go for it! We use that space every single day and thought it would be fun to finish it and enjoy it.

July is always insanely busy for us but this July was just CRAZY insane. We went from celebrating the 4th of July to jumping on a plane with all three kids to IL for a family reunion on Tims side. Looots of driving and traveling! Then back home to celebrate Ryder’s birthday. I always try to make their actual birthday special, so we decided to spend the day at Lava Island with some friends and go out for lunch together. I think he had a blast! Then Tim and I went BACK to IL for a family wedding. Then back home to continue with basement shenanigans and a big birthday party for the kids (we did a joint party for Ryder and Blakely) and then about a week later was Blakes actual birthday… PHEW. It was a lot, haha. Blake decided she wanted to go to the zoo to feed the giraffes on her birthday. So the night before her birthday I drove to the Springs with the kids and we had a little pizza party and sleepover at my dads house. The zoo was so much fun! Blakely was too scared to feed the giraffes haha but she did pet one! My big girl! 🙂

GAHH, I’m tired just from writing that all out. LOL So July was insane. And then if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen on my stories that I recently discovered I have IBS and so that has completely changed my life (hopefully for the better eventually because I can better take care of my body and not be in pain anymore, fingers crossed.) It’s all been very overwhelming and I’m exhausted!

But we are so excited for the basement to be completed (this week!) and look forward to getting all the kids used to their new school schedules. That’s another thing I have been struggling with. Ryder being at school all day is just such a huge change for us. I can’t believe how hard it has been on me! I just miss him so, so much. And Blake starts Pre K next week and although I know she’s ready for it and excited about it, I am so sad to send my bitty baby off to school. (Insert sobbing face.) My mama heart is strugglin, guys! LOL

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to lately! We are trying to plan a couple trips with the kids (so strange to have to plan trips around specific school schedules now!) so Tim and I are really looking forward to some special time with the kids and traveling. I’m hoping the rest of 2019 is a tad slower and a little bit more of a chill experience. Ha. I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for months and months!! 2019 has been a full-blown whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. Just gotta keep on truckin’. And I truly thank God for all he has blessed our family with. So much to be thankful for.

Much love to you all. So glad to have you here! 🙂


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