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Kimono Love

Struggling to stay cool over here with this big bump! But hooraaaaaay for our A/C getting fixed!! FINALLY! I slept great last night, minus the crazy pregnant dreams. Ha! And I am loving this kimono top that is so thin and cool, but I still feel covered. I love that I’ll be able to wear this with tanks underneath while I breastfeed as well. I remember really struggling with what to wear so I could easily nurse while on the go with Ryder (without having to take my entire top/dress off!).

I’ve been crushing on this necklace for a while and Tooth got it for me while we were in Chicago for the birthday. I love it! It’s SO cute and I love colorless necklaces that can go with everything.

These shorts are also super comfy and I wore them for a while even after Ryder was born because they are stretchy and forgiving on my tummy in the fourth trimester. When I’m pregnant, I’m usually more comfortable in pants/shorts that have the “secret belly” fit because the fabric going up over my belly is more comfortable. But these are so stretchy, they never bothered me. And once you do have the baby, you don’t need all that extra fabric to go up over your stomach, so the low, stretchy cut under the belly felt better after the baby was out.

Mine are old, but similar here

Hope you’re all having a fab Friday! Happy early 4th of July! 🙂


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