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Last Preggo Pics – 39 weeks

No, I’m no longer pregnant (thank heavens!). But we took some pics together a few days before we had Blakely. TJ wasn’t able to make it to our maternity photo shoot and I just wanted to get some pictures together with us 4. Even if it was just one good picture (whenever there is a toddler involved, it’s tough to get decent photos)!

I have the hardest time capturing Ryder. He sees the camera and takes off running in the other direction. LOL I’m always desperate to capture his personality and adorable face. My husband thinks my obsession with photos of him is really annoying. And strange. He doesn’t get it. But I have this desire to capture every expression, every moment. You think you’ll always remember the sweet faces, their tiny hands, funny things they say. But you don’t. I remember when TJ was about 4 years old and cracking up at the funny things he’d say. I thought “I’ll never forget this!!” but I did. You just do. Time passes and I already look back at younger pictures of Ryder and you forget how tiny they were.

I really wanted to get some last pictures together before this baby came. I knew our lives would be changed forever and I just wanted some of us 4. Even though I felt huge and SO uncomfortable at this point in pregnancy. I figured some day I’d look back fondly on being pregnant and smile while I remember feeling her twisting and turning in my belly. I love that feeling!

We went up to the Highlands Ranch Mansion to take these. We also did our gender reveal for this pregnancy at the HR Mansion, so this place will always have wonderful memories for Tim and I. How handsome are my boys?! 🙂

I guess my hubby knows how to get at a good angle to make my belly look small? Because I swear it was MUCH bigger than this picture makes it look. LOL I can’t believe this was just 6 weeks ago! I remember missing my bump after Ryder was born. Missing feeling him move around there. I thought I would feel the same way this time around, but I don’t! I felt SO big and was so over being pregnant at the end. I am so happy to have my baby girl here and snuggle her! 🙂

I just love this family of mine. I know it’s so cheesyyyyyy… But I’m so blessed to call them mine.

I just love this little goofball. I remember feeling the need to soak up every possible moment with him before his baby sister got here. And I’m glad I did! Since Blakely was born I haven’t been able to spend very much one on one time with my Ryder man. Even though I’m with him every day, I miss him! 

We’re in trouble…

Since we took these pictures, TJ got his braces off. Which makes him look even older. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. I swear he was 4 years old one week ago and we were talking about dinosaurs!

Love this little dude so much! And those loafers KILL me 🙂

Ryder is always saying “hold you” and it just melts me. He loves to be carried. Which was extremely difficult being very pregnant. But someday when he turns down being carried, I’ll miss this.

My three dudes. Love them!

This picture is one of my favs!

This stud! I can’t believe he’s already 11 years old!


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