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Maternity + Nursing Dress

I have been living in this black dress! It’s so comfortable, you guys. I seriously feel like I’m in a comfy robe when I’m wearing it. The bonus about this dress is that it doubles as a nursing dress. I know this dress will get a LOT of use after the baby comes. I really struggled with what to wear and feeling like I didn’t have a lot of options when Ryder was born when it came to clothing and nursing in public. This dress is super stretchy and allows easy access to nurse in public without all the fuss. I’m so excited to have some pieces that truly work for being majorly pregnant AND nursing. Double bonus (insert high five)!

Speaking of nursing… I am so nervous about how I’m going to balance the full-time job that nursing is with a toddler. Friends have told me that I’ll learn to multi-task and nurse while she’s in a carrier on me. What?! I know this will need to be a talent I learn. But I’m seriously concerned! LOL I have the Moby carrier, which I used twice when Ryder was little. I felt SO hot when I wore it. And all that fabric! Ugh! It just wasn’t my thing. If I needed Ryder to be on me in a carrier, I preferred my LilleBaby Carrier. It was just more structured and I didn’t have to think about how to put it on and what piece of fabric went where… I just snapped it on! But I’m thinking it will be hard to nurse her while she’s in this carrier because it is more structured. Any tips for balancing nursing 24-7 with a toddler are greatly appreciated!! How to strap her on me so she’s comfy while eating, how to distract Ryder while I’m feeding her, etc.

Anyway… I wore this dress out at a concert this past week and felt so comfortable. I stuck with some of my most comfy flip flops and an easy bag. BAM. Done. Easy. It was a hot night (the concert was outdoors at Coors Field) and I love having flowy clothes on (as apposed to tight, thick clothing that just seems to trap the heat even more!). Because everything seemed simple and plain, I decided to go with a bold necklace. I love this necklace because it will always and forever remind me of our maternity photo shoot we did while I was pregnant with Ryder. It’s crazy how attached I get to random things because of the memories they hold!

Black Nursing Dress // Flip Flops

Clutch // Necklace is old, similar here


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