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PinkBlush Maternity

I’m so excited to share with you all a recent collaboration I had with PinkBlush Maternity. I have loved this clothing line throughout both pregnancies! Whether I’m buying a cute sweater or a summer dress, I’ve loved everything and have gotten a lot of use out of their cute clothes. 

I have fallen in love with PinkBlush’s dresses this pregnancy. On days I’m feeling really lazy but still need to look put together, I gravitate toward their dresses because you just throw on these cute dresses and look like you spent a lot of time and energy getting ready when in fact, it was so easy! I love effortless looks that look like you put a lot of time and thought into. Because Lord knows there won’t be a lot of time for me to get myself ready once I have two little ones!

A huge bonus is that some of their dresses double as nursing dresses! I had the hardest time knowing what to wear after Ryder was born when it came to nursing in public. I hated feeling like I was stuck always wearing the same tanks under the same loose T’s for almost a year of nursing! I’m so excited to have more options of cute clothing to wear after this baby is born and I’m needing clothes that make nursing easy and convenient! 

My first look is this gorgeous dress. Perfect for a date night out! This dress is spaghetti strapped but it has a built in bra (and pads!). I loved that because I hate trying to figure out what bra to wear with dresses that require strapless. And strapless bras while pregnant are not comfortable, especially as the bump gets bigger. I’m in love with this pattern that kinda “hides” my bump. Ok, it’s not HIDDEN! But it tricks your eye and makes it look much smaller than it actually is! I love patterns for this reason. 

Get this dress here

My second look was this cute maxi! OMG, so comfy!!! This is a dress that will also come in handy for my nursing days ahead. This dress comes in multiple color options and I had the hardest time deciding because they are all so cute! This dress is such a great option to have in the summer months because you can wear it alone on hot summer days and because the dress is so cute on its own, you don’t need to put much else into the outfit to make it interesting. And, I love that I can just throw on a jacket or a sweater in the evenings if the weather is a little cooler. This dress is really comfortable and I wear it all the time because of that!

Same dress, different color here

A special thanks to PinkBlush for inviting me to do this collaboration with them. I highly recommend PinkBlush! Their items are very reasonably priced. Plus, you can get the dresses and tops that double as nursing clothing! I’m so excited to have cute, fun things to wear other than just a chambray over a nursing tank after the baby is born (and for when I need to nurse discreetly in public). I’ve seriously had times where I wanted to wear tops and/or dresses that didn’t work well with nursing and then when I did need to nurse I’d have to excuse myself from everyone and go to a room or bathroom where I could lift up my entire top or dress and nurse while covering my post pregnancy bod with three swaddle blankets! LOL – never again!

Click here to start shopping some PinkBlush Maternity looks! Happy baby bump shopping 🙂

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