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Ryder's 8th Harry Potter Birthday Party

Ryder is 8!!

I live for the kids birthday party each year! We have so much fun creating their themes, colors and birthday tables together. It's something we look forward to every summer. :) I am a tad behind in posting these birthday photos. (Oops.) Life has been very busy and I am just now reliving this party through photos.

This year, I worked with Belen from Crafty Lil Studio to create the magic of their birthday tables. I found her on Etsy and reached out to see if she would be interested in creating some special and custom pieces for the kids birthday party. She was a joy to work with! It was a great experience and she was so patient with me and all my little ideas. Haha. I hope to work with her again next year. It truly is so much fun to create these parties!

Ryder surprised me this year with his theme. Just like last year! I have the kids decide their themes about two months in advance. We talk about ideas and sometimes I will show them theme ideas from Pinterest so they can get an idea of what it would look like. This gives me plenty of time to design all the custom details of their parties. Once the chose, that's it. Haha. They understand that they can't change their mind last minute. ;)

We got so lucky with the weather! We have 65 people here in our yard! Haha. The forecast was showing rain, and I was a tad worried we'd have to move everyone inside. Yikes! But it ended up being a beautiful day and the kids played for hours outside. This year was exciting because we had just finished our giant landscape project where we extended the concrete patio by an extra fifteen feet!

We are so grateful to friends and family who come to celebrate the kids. They feel so special at their big party. :) I must say, Ryder's table turned out pretty awesome! I love this theme. I hope I never forget his adorable bunny teeth. This kid just melts my heart!! GAH. I love you, Ryder Man!

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Photography by Jenna Sparks


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